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Wow, Fantastic, this male toy is great! It arrived in an normal box that only referenced my address, so it is delivered discreet. I didn't know what to expect, but do read the little manual to become familiar w/buttons and charging. This automatic, ******* masturbator is easy to use and will drive you to an unbelievable experience. It will **** you right in. You will want to keep this one. Watch out, could become addictive. Try and experience unbelievable sensations., only wanting to come back for more.
Purchased: Blowjob Thrusting

Apr 8, 2021


“All I can say is wow. It’s hard to find a vibrator that stimulates the two most important parts of a woman at the same time with that much intensity. I’m so pleased (pun intended) with this product. Even after use, the feeling still lingers. I’m in love!”
Purchased: Rabbit Vibrator

February 11, 2021


I have used moiame products for years. They are always are innovative and satisfying. There are many male masturbators on the market but this one is the best! The silicone nubs feel great. The in and out strokes are quite effective but adding the twisting motion brings a whole new level of excitement and pleasure. My partner truly enjoys using it on me because of the intense build up and pleasure it gives me and that is reflected on my face, my moans, and my convulsions at ******. Great toy! Easy to clean! Great purchase, amazing results!
Purchased: Male Masturbator Cup
George f.

Feb 25, 2021


“This one gave me 3 orgasms before I could even blink, then threw me for a roller coaster of waves that left me covered in sweat.”
Purchased: Realistic Dildo
Megan Pluymert

Mar 20, 2021

Absolutely worth it!

“Extremely flexible for the perfect angle, a whole BUNCH of speeds and pulse options, super easy to clean due to being waterproof and easy to charge.”
Purchased: G spot Dildo
Happy Couple


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