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Dilgasm is a high-end sex toy brand developed by a team of our unique designers whose mission is to find love and pleasure and to satisfy sexual desire.

Dilgasm was born in 2013.
Globally, our products have been loved by a large number of customers. Each product can bring you a unique experience. Satisfy the special desires of different types of people.

We Focus on Value, and Durability

Our goods are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing.

Process is Paramount, But Execution is Everything

Good design lives in the details.

Our Most Valuable Assets Are The Relationships We’ve Built

We surround ourselves with incredibly talented, driven creatives that help us bring our products to life.

Why shop at Dilgasm?

Discreet Delivery
We will never release your personal information to anyone.  We deliver all orders in plain boxes without any related information, such as product name, price, etc.

Improve By Feedback
Feedback is the best way for us to learn and improve in the future. If you enjoy our current products and services, we’d love to share the pleasure with you; but if you do not feel satisfied with it, we are more willing to hear your valuable advices and bring the better products and services for you.

Price Match
We have already price matched our products in the market and made sure every toy has excellent quality and reasonable price, because we’d love to see your smile on your face.

Customer Service
We possess a friendly, efficient and professional team for our customer service, and we’d love to help you solve all your problems. Whenever you need us or any question, our team always reply within 24 hours.

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