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Lube Applicator

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Product Description
  2. Make lube application mess-free with PALOQUETH lube applicator!
  4. ● For mess-free, easy application of lube exactly where you want it, Paloqueth lube applicator is just what you need.
  5. ● With a slim and sturdy shape, the syringe style design is user friendly no matter what your experience level.
  6. ● PALOQUETH set contains 2 identical applicators, perfect for lubing up two people at once with no need to wash in between.
  7. ● Just insert the soft rubber tipped head into your lube and pull up on the handle to fill. Paloqueth lube injector could also be used for quick clean up before intimate play.
  2. Precise Scale Allows You To Inject The Perfect Amount
  4. The easy-to-use, reusable lube applicator puts your favorite lube exactly where you want it. It delivers the perfect amount of lube for backdoor adventure time. Not too much, not too little.
  2. One-handed Design For Easy And Precise Insertion
  4. Lubricant applicator is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the tube with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust.
  2. Silicone Sealing Cap
  4. The applicator has a silicone cap to prevent the liquid from spilling until the time is right for application. When playtime begins, simply remove the cap and depress the plunger.
  2. Smooth Rounded Tip
  4. The rounded tip will make you feel smooth to your fingers and you'll be able to feel there is not any sharp or leftover plastic at the end. Easily inserts, would not scratch you.
  2. Made of ABS Material
  4. Made with high quality ABS plastic and designed for application of lubricant, which ensures water-based lubes are safer, healthier. Completely compatible with all types of lube.
  1. ✔ PALOQUETH lube applicator for men is engraved with precise scale, which distinguishes it from other similar products, allowing to apply the perfect amount of lube.
  3. ✔ The set contains 2 identical applicators, perfect for lubing up two people at once with no need to wash in between.
  5. ✔ PALOQUETH lube applicator is made from high-quality plastic, so it does not break easily and is fully compatible with water, silicone, and even oil-based lubricants.
  7. ✔ Its smooth rounded tip inserts easily, would not scratch you on the way in, and there's even an extra cap to prevent your liquid from leaking out.
  9. ✔ The easy-grip finger loops let you get the perfect amount of any liquid and keep liquid in place with no mess to clean up.
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