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Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

$32.99 $27.99
Your privacy is incredibly important to us, and we understand that you might not want others to know what you ordered. This is why all of our parcels are hermetically sealed and 100% discreet, we will ship your order in a plain cardboard box with no reference to Paloqueth at all. On the outside of the box there are no pictures or text pointing to the content of the shipment.
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Product Description
  2. Without the vibrations, the prostate massager was easy to insert and stayed in place during the whole session. It was an “insert – and – forget” experience, which is exactly what you should be looking for in this type of toy. The sensations were similar to other silicone prostate massagers I have used in the past. During the session, I could feel the contractions in my genitals when releasing the pre-cum, which is a preview of how good the climax is going to feel. Once the climax approached, I felt like Goku releasing a KameHameHa after charging it for three episodes.
  2. Once you turn on the vibrations, it become a whole new game. The dual vibrators have no separate controls, so you get the same type and level of stimulation both internally and externally – and these vibrators are strong! As mentioned, I had to turn on the receiver before insertion, but once inserted, I used the remote control to turn on the vibrations and cycle through them. I have to admit the strength of the vibrations really surprised me, and I had to practice my breathing to relax and enjoy the sensations.
  2. The Controls Seem Easy To Use. Three discrete designs at the base let you know where you have to press to control this massager. You have the standard On / Off design in the center which you need to press for three (3) seconds to turn the receiver on. It will let you know it is on with a blinking blue light. Then you have a triangle design where you will press to turn on the vibrators. The same button will allow you to change the vibration pattern – and you have ten (10) of these patterns to choose your favorite.
  2. The Remote Is Even Easier. One button with a red light to let you know when the remote is working. The remote is good if you want to play discretely, but it can be easily lost (it did not have key chain hole or anything where you can attach a cord or lanyard). The remote does the same job as the triangular shape on the base – it turns on the vibrators and cycles through the patterns – but you need to turn on the receiver before insertion. Keep the remote button pressed for three seconds to turn it off.
  2. Easy to Charge with USB Charger. Of course, the final word is how it behaves during use, so I had to fully charge this bad boy before using it. I plugged the included USB charger and about half an hour later the toy was ready for work (as most electric toys, it comes partially charged from the factory). Being fully charged, there was only one thing left to do…The massager comes in a branded box with its remote, an USB charging cable, a user manual, and a velvet pouch for storage.
  2. Not only does Paloqueth prostate massager reduce the risk of everything from prostatitis to prostate cancer, all the while improving things like erectile function and circulation of seminal fluid, it also feels downright fantastic!
  4. 2 powerful vibrating motors: The anal stimulator features dual motors in the base and tip for double the targeted pleasure, hitting your percent spot like no other!
  6. Multi-speed vibrations: The vibrating butt plug has an industry-leading 10 massage modes for the most powerful orgasms ever! Just adjust the intensity to suit your needs.
  7. Completely Waterproof: Special designed with good water - resist silicone, ensures you can enjoy a thorough massage on your sensitive parts in the water!
  9. USB Quickly Rechargeable: USB rechargeable for convenient operation eco-friendly play, indulge your desires anytime anywhere.
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