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Moiame – Lube Launcher


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I am in the middle of packing and moving so here is another mini review for you all!

I have always wanted to try a lube launcher even if just for the comedic value of squirting lube at someone. I was sent one from Moiame recently and found myself trying to think of the many uses of a lube launcher that apply to me.

Paloqueth offers a blue abs plastic launcher with 3.5″ insertable length allowing you to deposit your lube where ever you’d like. A white silicone cap is provided so your lube doesn’t spill out. Each pack comes with 2 launchers in plain plastic packaging. The packaging contains a cardboard insert offering basic info about the product and how to use it.

Use is straight forward. You insert the tip into your lube, slowly pull back the plunger to fill the tube with as much or as little lube as you want, then insert the tip into the vagina, ass, or toy, and press the plunger to dispense the lube. Although this launcher is good for use in both vaginas and asses doesn’t mean you should use it in both at the same time (thankfully there are 2 in a package). Being made of ABS I would suggest you remove the cap and plunger and submerge all parts in hot soapy water and a good rinse to clean.The first struggle I had with the launcher was that your lube bottle needs to have a wide enough mouth to fit the launcher in. This ruled out my Sutil and other lubes in tubes. Having to remove the lid was also a pain because my lube bottles always have a few drops on the lid and I just make a mess.

It does exactly what it is supposed to! It allows you to apply lube right where you want it. The silicone cap even prevents your lube from seeping out (I left it for hours and not a drop spilled). I would recommend it for those who want more accuracy applying lube or that want to give it a shot. I can’t say everyone needs to have one. It would be great for inserting lube into a stroker but as for applying to yourself or another person’s body personally I enjoy applying lube with my hand as part of the experience.

Thanks Paloqueth for sending me the Lube Launchers in exchange for my honest opinion. My review of the Paloqueth G-Spot Rabbit vibe will soon be posted!

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